Virtual Reality Suite --- Visit us at animago conference - Munich 07. & 08. September 2017 ---

VR-Suite is the winner of Samsung GearVR Killer App Contest...

NEW Version 1.4 released on 29.05.17

Do it Yourself VR
Combine 360° photos, 360° videos and multimedia easily to a VR presentation!!

    The VR-Suite is a professional software solution for the creation and play back of 360° based VR presentations. The easy deployment onto mobile VR headsets is cloud based. Usage is quickly learned.


    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Training
    • VR Conferencing

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    Our customers love the VR-suite

    "Some kind of PowerPoint de luxe"
    Tobias Nowag, Bayern2 Radio

    "The VR-Suite shows the enormous potential of virtual reality already today. The usage is fun and is impressive for everyone."
    Gregor Kremsmüller •
    2400 employees on 20 locations

    "Our Virtual Reality presentation was a complete success. The entire conference was aware of us. In future, we will expand the deployment of the VR-Suite.."
    Diana Baganz, Marketing Manager, Doosan Lentjes GmbH
    Doosan: 44.000 employees worldwide.

    Developed for professional requirements

    Developed for professional requirements

    The editor is highly efficient. The player functionality is grown on real exhibitions. Many professional functionalities are on board.

    Even 6K video is running fine.

    Even 6K video is running fine.

    We support stereoscopic content and 3D binaural audio. Editing using the VR-mode is simply genius.


    • Platform independent

      Native support of Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Zeiss VR One and Google Cardboard. Naturally, we support desktop too.

    • Distribute online, use offline

      Simple distribution via a cloud. No network needed afterwards. This is ideal for conventions.

    • Conference mode and mirror via web

      Explore presentations together and mirror them onto a TV. Even wireless.

    • Efficient

      Create VR presentations quickly.

    Buy VR-Suite - for small Companies (excl. tax)


    per year

    This license type is for commercial clients with LESS than 200 Mio. € annual revenue  (Price per year - excl. tax)


    How long does it take to learn the VR-Suite?

    Training for the VR-Suite is very fast. On YouTube, you can find a 15-minute tutorial video. Furthermore, we offer telephone support in case of any questions.

    Do you have a solution for agencies?

    Yes, agencies are welcome. Please ask for our license models.

    Currently we have no 360° content. Are we able to use already existent media?

    Yes. You are able to use existing media in slide shows for example. Furthermore, you will be able to create impressive 360° scenes from video and image content using Photoshop or Aftereffects. We will provide some templates. There are already several easy to use 360° camera systems available, like the Samsung Gear360, the Ricoh Theta and the Panono ball.

    Are you supporting the HTC Vive, iOS and HTML5?

    Yes, we plan to support every important VR system. iOS version is released, for Vive you can download a beta version, for HTML5 internal tests are running.

    What do i need to create a VR presentation?

    You can create a VR presentation by using a windows PC without any VR devices. The VR glasses give you in edit mode the advantage to experience and correct the presentation during the build. This is simply more fun and more efficient.

    How do I transfer the presentation from a PC to a mobile device?

    The integrated cloud solution allows the upload of the presentation with one click. You just need to install our free VR-Suite app onto your mobile device and enter your client number. Then all your presentations are accessible for download.