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New features in VR-Suite 1.4


  • Improved interface individualisation
  • Desktop icon for GearVR app
  • Realtime text in POIs


  • End actions for 360° videos
  • Screensaver video
  • Define a start location
  • Presentation background sound

Network & Conference

  • 4GB distribution via cloud
  • Use proxy for network
  • Improved network connection
  • Skip connection check
  • Mirror via web smoothing
  • Mirror via web with smartphones
  • Sync slideshow handling

More Devices

  • iOS Version starting at iPhone 6
  • official Vive Beta

Technical Specifications

A windows PC is needed to create the basic VR presentation.  

Operating System

  • Windows 8.1 and newer (Windows 10 recommended)

VR Devices

  • Oculus Rift - Consumer Version
  • Oculus Rift - DK2
  • Samsung GearVR (tested with Galaxy S6 and S7)
  • Cardboard (tested with Galaxy S6 and S7)
  • No VR: Windows PC or Cardboard version
  • iOS: iPhone 6 and newer
  • Vive: beta version


You can trigger all functions by gazing at icons without using any controller. Execute a VR-Click by one second of hovering over an icon.

360° Photos

360° photos are the base of the VR presentations.

You can include an unlimited amount of 360° photos. We support stereoscopic formats.

360° Videos

360° video is the base of the VR presentations.

You can include an unlimited amount of 360° videos. We support stereoscopic formats. 4k and 6k playback depending on used Hardware.


Hotspots are icons in the 360° locations, which enable you to navigate to the other locations. Those icons can be individually designed or even be invisible. Therefore allowing many possibilities like 360° menus created with a 3D software or with Photoshop.

Multimedia Slideshows

You can integrate multimedia information by slideshows. They are freely designable icons positioned directly inside the 360° images or videos.

Embed unlimited amount of slideshows. We support stereoscopic formats. In slideshows you could mix different media types. The needed navigation tools will be shown automatically (can be deactivated)

Auto Setup

The VR-Suite reads the folder structure of your project and automatically creates panoramas and slideshows. It links the panoramas through hotspots, using the filenames for naming reference. You can start directly in VR without any manual configuration.


After launching the VR-Editor (Opening it by double click on spacebar), you can directly position all hotspots, slideshows, sounds, etc. by drag and drop in the panoramas. You can alter configurations and change text easily with or without VR glasses. Tutorials...


You can upload the finished presentation to the cloud by just one click. With our free VR-Suite app and your client number, you can distribute it to an unlimited amount of devices.


For playing back the presentation, you do not need an internet connection.


In a conference, a small laser pointer in the 360° image represents each user. This simplifies the communication enormously. Navigation helpers enable the finding of the presentation leader.


Show the image of a mobile VR-device on a PC with a connected TV. In this way, all the visitors of your convention booth or your sale personal can participate in the VR experience. The synchronization of multiple users happens through a local Wi-Fi or even the internet.

Guided Tour

In complex tours, you can declare at every location a hotspot as a guided tour hotspot. The users can easily find this for faster navigation.

Save Modus

You can lock the editor and the deletion of tours on mobile devices for events.

Location Menu

You can navigate fast to all available 360° locations through the location menu. The creation of submenus is by drag and drop.


Using points-of-interest, you can label regions of a 360° location.

Welcome Text

Each 360-degree location can contain a welcome text.

3D Audio

3D binaural audio supports the navigation and enhances the atmosphere.

3D Content

For integration of 3D models or 3D sceneries please send us a request.

 System requirements

A Windows 8.1 PC with an i5 processor and an nVidia GTX 760 is sufficient for the creation of a VR presentation. (Windows 10 recommended)

Windows PC with Oculus Rift

Check the system requirements for the Oculus Rift

Windows PC without Oculus Rift

Check the system requirements for the Oculus Rift. Generally, a PC with i5 processor and nVidia GTX 760 is sufficient. We recommend an SSD.

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 works well.


We tested Cardboard VR on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7. You can test other models using our demo version and we like to hear from your experiences.


Available (iPhon 6 and newer)

HTC Vive

Beta version available